Monthly Archives: July 2021

  1. Top CBD Products for Athletes

    There is an array of CBD products for athletes currently on the rise in the marketplace. From gummies to topical creams, an athlete has a lot of options they could choose from. But what are the effects of these products? Moreover, are they as effective as advertised? And the most critical question for athletes: will be using these CBD products make them fail their drug tests or impair their playing?
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  2. What is Delta 8 And How Is It Different From CBD?

    We’ve all heard about the multitude of health benefits of CBD. But what about its lesser-known, but steadily rising cousin known as Delta 8? What are their similarities and differences? If you’re curious to know whether there are any medical benefits to be had from Delta 8, are they relevant for you? And more importantly, where do experts stand on Delta 8? All these questions must be plaguing your mind. Don’t worry; we’ve done the study about Delta 8 and how it differs from CBD. Read on to learn more.
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