There are many benefits to getting old, like more time to spend on hobbies or on the things you love doing, additional wisdom brought by the years of experience, and even spending happy moments with grandchildren. But these perks can be accompanied by many health-related issues such as arthritis, dementia, cancer, and new aches in different parts of the body.

Health is indeed wealth. To stay healthy as they can be, most seniors have a daily regimen of various medicinal drug prescriptions, with nearly 65.7% of senior citizens prescribed five or more medications. These prescriptions may have their health benefits but prescription drugs also often have significant side effects like fatigue, nausea, and migraines. 

To improve the quality of life without the adverse side effects of medicinal drugs, many seniors are using natural remedies as an alternative that can relieve their symptoms without worrying about negative side effects. A popular option for this is CBD for seniors.

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