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  1. Health Canada Officially Confirms CBD is Safe For Humans And Dogs

    CBD has become quite popular in the last couple years because of the vast potential benefits it can bring (to humans and furry companions). Well-known advantages are easing inflammation (many different kinds) and helping with relaxation. There are different products of CBD depending on how you would like to consume it. There are creams for topical application, gummies, coffee, tea, other edibles, and oils and sprays for sublingual application (products designed to be absorbed under the tongue). Unfortunately, there is some misunderstanding about the safety of CBD and its possible side effects in our bodies since CBD comes from cannabis, a plant mostly known to create a “high” feeling (spoiler alert - it’s safer than pretty much any other prescription drug available)


    With so many uses of CBD, it isn’t surprising that some products are also created for pets, especially for dogs. The same concerns people have about CBD for people has been expressed about animals and furry companions. How safe is CBD safe for people and pets? What do we know about the legality and safety of CBD consumption for humans and dogs?

    Fortunately, Health Canada released a report very recently about the safety of CBD on humans and animals. Read to learn more.

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  2. CBD for Hair Loss

    It might be frustrating to see strands of hair on your comb after brushing or hair clogging in the bathroom after taking a bath. Even with this, hair fall is a regular occurrence. Whether old or young, hair fall can happen. An average loss of strands can be up to 50-100 a day, so seeing some loose strands around your house is not a reason to panic. And when hair loss does happen,  your scalp naturally regrows more strands. How can you determine if you're losing too much hair, and what can be done about it? Obvious indicators of too much hair loss (that can eventually lead to baldness) can include many strands falling off by simply brushing it with your hands (one or two is okay, several is indicative of a problem) or if there is a patch on your scalp where sudden hair loss happens.


    Rapid hair loss can be concerning, but there are available treatments that can help with this problem. A compound found in cannabis called CBD may be just what you need in hair loss prevention (and there is science to back it up). With the continuous growth of research, CBD (Cannabidiol) has shown great potential for hair care. Did you know that we have cannabinoids in the body? The Endocannabinoid System (ECS) is responsible for regulating our bodily functions, including hair cell growth. This system interacts with CBD, and studies show how this can result in hair loss prevention and increased hair regrowth, in addition to other possible benefits it can do with your hair. Read more to learn about the symptoms and causes of your hair fall and how CBD can help. 

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